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Gold Fill

Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped Fibulas
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped rings
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped bracelets and bangles
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped cuffs
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped pendants
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped necklaces
Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped earrings








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Ryepress    History     Etchings     Paintings     Giclee     Photography     Jewellery     Information     Printing

Metal Fairy - Unique original Handmade wire wrapped silver and copper jewellery



Metal Fairy is the result of an obsession with turning pieces of metal wire into small objects of desire.

Jewellery is SO personal - we use it to express how we feel about ourselves and how we want others to see us. When we give a piece of jewellery as a gift we choose it carefully, trying to select something original that will make the recipient feel special and at the same time will say something about how well we know them.

Each piece of Metal Fairy wire wrapped jewellery is is hand made by me. I use ancient wire wrapping techniques to design highly individual and modern original pieces of fine art bohemian jewellery, which I hope is a refreshing alternative to the mainstream!  

I have a low boredom threshold and therefore although I may make several similar pieces when I am exploring the potential of new work, except in the cases of some of the rings, I do not repeat identical designs.


I am in partnership with Colin Bailey, who is a wonderful artist and we have a fine art gallery on the High Street in Hastings, where we show his paintings, prints and etchings and my wire wrapped jewellery.  This is a great location only a minute or two from the sea. Hastings is something of a hub for creative types, and there are five galleries on the High Street alone! If you are ever in the area, please come and see us.



I use silver, bronze, copper and gold fill to create Metal Fairy wire wrapped jewellery. The materials menu on the left will give a little more information on the types of metal and why I have chosen to work in these materials.


Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped fine art jewellery


Metal Fairy wire wrapped jewellery is handmade and therefore unique.

If you like something which has already sold, contact me and I will try to make you a similar piece, but I do not repeat pieces identically.

Metal Fairy - Hand made wire wrapped fine art jewellery


Most Metal Fairy wire wrapped jewellery contains semi-precious gem stones, although I also use found objects, glass, polymer clay and vintage stones.


I try to be green - it’s a challenge for all us at the moment.  One of the ways I can be creatively ‘green’ is by using recycled materials in jewellery. I always recycle metals of course, but I have come up with another couple of ways of being green and sentimental at the same time!

One is the use of tumbled glass in ‘sea glass’  pendants. I like to use real beach glass whenever I can, but this is becoming very collectible and therefore rare. I therefore sometimes tumble ordinary glass with great results.  As I use no power tools at all in the creation of my jewellery, I feel that the low energy tumbling of the glass is not too much of a compromise.

To take this a step further, I have made jewellery for clients by tumbling glass from a favourite perfume bottle given to them by someone special. Once the perfume is gone, we tend to hang on to the bottles, although there is not much that can be done with them.  My solution is to break the bottle into large pieces and tumble these pieces. There is usually at least one piece which can then be turned into a pendant - a nice memento of a treasured gift!


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